Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just wanted to show off Mike's Christmas gift to me last year!
This is my gift from Mike this year for Christmas. I described what I wanted
and he made it. It is beautiful right? I love it. He has such a gift  working with wood.
It is not decorated like it will be in a few months but I just wanted to show it off now!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

About Me!

 I am a wife, mother and grandmother. I love my life. I Have a great husband. Mike is honest, hard working and loving. We went to the same school in Clearfield when we were in Kindergarten, First and Second Grade. We both had Mrs. Bennett in Second Grade. I circled his picture and wrote that I was going to marry him,way back then. Mike moved to Brigham when he started 4th grade. I moved to Brigham when I was a Junior in High School. We remembered each other but Mike was shy and I was very angry about moving to Brigham and held on to my friends from Clearfield as long as I could. We graduated High School and Mike called me out of the blue and asked me to go see Iron Butterfly at the Salt Palace. I already had a date but I had always thought Mike was cute and interesting so I canceled the date and went with Mike. I found out later that he was dating me to make another girl jealous. I actually was flatered that he picked me to make her jealous. Soon we were seeing each other a lot. It scared me because I really did not trust guys. I just liked to have fun and was very nervous about trusting anyone. I really believed that guys were never to be trusted. I also believed that no marriage was really good and that everyone just pretended to be happy.
I guess I should explain.
  My mother had poor self esteem. She allowed my father to treat her terrible. I remember even at the young age of 10 wondering why my mother would not stand up for herself and why she stayed with someone who treated her so badly. She was very active in church and was always Young Women President or Relief Society President and that is the one thing she did not allow my father to take from her. No matter how he fought her she remained active. She had such a testimony of the gospel and her whole life she was a shining example of what a true Latter Day Saint should be. She was always doing something for someone else. If my mother was the perfect example of good, my father was the perfect example of evil. He was abusive in every way. I was always frightened of him. My father had most people fooled. Appearing to be fun loving. He was always dressed in a nice suit and had many fun stories to share. I remember most of my life praying that someone would see how evil he was and save me and my mom and siblings from him. He spent many hours remiding me that he never wanted me or my youngest brother Wayne. He let us know we were not welcome in his world. For me it was worse, I was female and he honestly spent a lot of time teaching me that was I worth nothing. That I would never be worth anything. He made me feel useless and worthless.
   Thank heavens for the gospel, for my young women leaders and my mother. They taught me that I was a daughter of God and taught me that I did have value. I believed in that as I grew older. When we moved to Brigham, I thought it was the end of the world and felt lost and alone. Little did I know that it would be the best thing that would ever happen to me. I was forced to stop relying on my friends. I was forced to find out who I was and had to become my own person . I also sat back and observed my parents. My dad had fine clothes, my mother wore worn out old house dresses. She could not spend money on clothes or makeup. As I watched her I discovered that she had a light in her eyes that my father could not take from her. He could keep all of the fine things from her that were material but the gospel kept her bright and happy no matter how hard hard her life was. Before I had been confused and thought my dad had it all so why try to be good or follow God's plan when you could be selfish like my dad and have everything. It was during that time that I began to realize how important my testimony would become. I started to read the scriptures and that is when Mike came in to my life.
 I had dated a lot of guys and had several serious boyfriends but I had never met anyone like Mike. He cared about me for the person I was but lifted me up and helped me realize my worth and the things I could do. He made my life fun. I tried things I had never done before. We hiked to the back of Logan Cave...I was very proud of myself. We hiked the backside of Timp and he skied down. He took me skiing. We made homeade kites and spent a day flying them. One minute we were in a fancy resturant and the next in grubs doing something I had never done before. He lifed me up, made me better and confirmed in my heart that I really was a daughter of /God and had value and worth. I was in love and was so happy.
  Mike asked me to marry him while we were eating dinner in Logan Canyon. He froze my diamond in a blue ice cube and sprite. I found it when the ice cube was almost melted. I panicked. What if everything I thought of was true. What if you got married and became miserable and then lived a lie. I prayed about it for several days and knew in my heart that I would be happy forever. I know know that of course there are trials and you have to work hard to make a marriage work but that people truly can be happy. If I ever have said that I can't do something, Mike laughs and just says you can do it and you have to try.
  Each night since the day we married I look around our home and thank My Heavenly Father for my peaceful happy wam and loving home. It is everything I ever dreamed of and more.
   I was a stay at home mom until Hayley was in first grade. I fell in to a job with the Cache School District and have been the Principal's Secretary at Elementary schools  for the last 21 years. I worked at North Park Elementary for 20 years and have moved to a new school in Smithfield this year. I have worked with 6 different .principals.  Each one of them have taught me great things and have been a great example in my life. It would suprise most of my friends. I hated school growing up but I think it is because of the things going on in my home.
  We have three kids. They are all married to wonderful people that I love as though they are mine.
  Heather is the oldest. She is beautiful, smart, shy and fun. She married Jody in the Logan Temple. They have four perfect kids, Breje (13), Trayson (10), Kutter (7) and Brielle (3).
  Cody came next. He is handsome, smart and so much fun! He married Amy in the Logan Temple and they have two perfect kids. Simon (4) and Lucy about 7 months old.
  Hayley is my  youngest. She is also beautiful, smart and outgoing. She loves birthdays and hers lasts the entire month of July. She married Travis in the Logan Temple and they have 2 perfect kids. Ady (6) and Sienna (4).
  I hope I have all their ages right, grandmas do not like to see them grow old too fast.
  I am so proud of my kids and the way they live their lives and the way they serve others and the Lord. I love the way they are raising their children.
  My grandchildren give me such joy. I think now that I have explained why I am the happiest person alive, I will from now on focus on my children and grandchildren. We are not the perfect family but we are perfect in our love for each other. We are together a lot and we support each other in everyway. What more could anyone ask for . That is it for my first blog entry. I am tryintg to decide if I am going to actualy publish it?

Christmas Eve

My Beautiful Grandkids on Christmas Eve.

Test Post

My daughter Hayley is the BEST!!